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Marketing for
Healthcare Clinics


About Us


We help private practice entrepreneurs grow their business by improving staff efficiency and attracting new patients.

  • Search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly website
  • Outcomes-driven marketing and incremental improvements strategy
  • Develop a knowledge base for current and prospective clients
  • Leverage on-site and online patient feedback to identify areas of improvement while also gathering testimonials and reviews to incorporate in additional marketing strategies
  • Online HIPAA-compliant new patient signup form
  • Offer 90-day, money-back guarantee if clients are unsatisfied

Pricing & Packages

Best-in-Class Marketing Technology solutions for you to deliver an Improved Patient Experience.

90-day money back guarantee


We are confident in our service offerings. If you are not satisfied, you are free to cancel and request your money back for up to 90-days.


Acquire new patients and establish your brand authority


  • $300/month Location Targeted Ad Spend
  • Optimized Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Fillable Forms as PDFs
  • Stakeholders KPI Dashboard
  • Patient Knowledge Base
  • Social Media Brand Collateral
  • Local Directory & Sitemap Submissions
  • Ongoing Local & On-site SEO for 1 Location


Engage with your patients and optimize staff efficiency

All of Aquire plan, plus:

  • $600/month Location Targeted Ad Spend
  • HIPAA Compliant Patient Forms
  • On-site Patient Feedback
  • Automated Review Requests
  • Keyword Research & A/B Testing
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Ongoing Local & On-site SEO for 1 Location


Accelerate growth with targeted multi-channel campaigns

All of Engage plan, plus:

  • $1,200/month Location Targeted Ad Spend
  • Quarterly Ad Creative & Copywriting
  • Custom Integration with EHRs Available
  • Professional Photography (1 location)
  • Ongoing Local & On-site SEO for 1 Location
Practices We've Helped
Orthopaedic Specialists of Scottsdale, Speech & Voice Experience, Family 1st Convenient Care, Orthopaedic Specialists of Central Arizona

How It Works

We take pride in our service, systems and proven process for getting our clients more business and increasing internal efficiencies.

Stage / Timeline
Milestones & Outcomes

Before we start

We always put our clients first and work diligently to deliver the best possible outcomes. Before we move forward, we want to meet you, get to know you, and learn about your clinic's needs and goals. From there, we only proceed if, 1. We feel we can truly help you achieve your business objectives, and 2. Your clinic's culture and vision aligns with our core values.

Milestones: Contract Signed, Deposit Paid, and Start Date Scheduled.


2-3 weeks

Project team introductions, access to assets and content grid templates for you to populate over a 2 week period, and placed into our project start queue.

Milestones: Assets & Content Collected and Reviewed.


1-2 weeks

During this step, we will draft content, create the design, and develop and deploy search-engine and marketing strategies to get the best possible outcomes once your website goes live. We will also determine baseline metrics for your staff efficiency and incoming patient procedures to validate ongoing ROI for our marketing campaigns.

Milestones: Market & Competitor Research, Opportunities Defined, Baseline Metrics Established, Design Direction & Styleboard Finalized.


4-6 weeks

During the activation stage, we will build your search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly website using keyword research that will set you apart from your competitors. We will also design branded PDF forms, incorporate HIPAA-compliant online forms, create marketing systems for ongoing marketing campaigns, setup A/B testing for incremental improvements, build out social media and healthcare platform pages, and enhance your Yelp and Google presence. We then incorporate testimonial capture pages on your website in addition to setting up onsite iPads to request reviews and feedback after an appointment.

Milestones: New SEO optimized website, Inbound presence on Social Media, Healthcare and Local Marketing Platforms, Stakeholder KPI Dashboards.



In our last step, we will successfully launch your website and continue to nurture it to ensure the most ROI for your clinic. A/B testing and ongoing ranking placement audits allow us to monitor and adjust your website and marketing campaigns – both of which are backed by data analytics so you can see the results for yourself!

Milestones: Ongoing A/B testing, and Quarterly Keyword Research to outperform competitors.

Digital Expertise in Healthcare

We take a holistic approach to scaling your business and improving your internal efficiency.

Acquire New Patients by leveraging Local SEO for your Medical Practice

A step-by-step guide for attracting new patients through local SEO for your medical practice.

Patient Experience
Grow Your Practice by Improving The Patient Experience

Leveraging information and software to help patients before and after their clinic visit.

Building a Doctor-Patient Relationship Starts with Your Website

Tips for exceeding patient expectations in a digital age by improving your practice website.

Talk with us

Schedule a call below or write us directly

Not ready to schedule a call yet? Send Sahil an email with your questions and he will be happy to chat with you in the virtual world prior to meeting face-to-face.

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