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Interactive UI Developer

The Position

This position is for a User Interface (UI) Developer interested in data driven web applications. We are currently looking for a UI Developer to work with a team of UI/UX Designers and Developers to build and scale web-applications. The applicant needs to have a broad range of programming skills with strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and software development concepts, such as object oriented design/programming and event driven programming in JavaScript. The candidate should bring strong vision and a penchant for applying new technologies for Web applications.

Part-time with 3 month contract, and possibility of full-time employment.

The Person

This applicant should take initiative for introducing new opportunities in development, be unafraid to speak up, and know when to put their head down to work in a time-sensitive crunch. While always being respectful, they’re not opposed to the use of highly profane language while maintaining a professional demeanor. A constant learner, this person stays on top of blogs, news and books relevant to their industry. They must be self-taught in something--we don’t care if it’s guitar or the language of Mandarin.

This person should be open to accepting all genres of people with no regard to gender orientation, ethnicity or belief.

The Company

AKOS is an experience-first development agency specializing in custom built websites, applications and native apps. We are dedicated to making people feel things in the digital space.

Our network is broad. We are at times professional and often informal. We depend on each other to call us on our shit, to keep us informed of new happenings, make suggestions for improvements relevant to best practices in our field, and overall level-up our team. We should be able to bring this awesome human to networking events ranging from a Happy Hour with the Mayor, to a Youth Code Day, to an ungodly Lip-Sync Battle.

How To Apply:

Re-create the animation below in Codepen, add link to completed Pen in an email to work@akosweb.com. Include cover letter, resume and portfolio link.

Animation is not required to apply but definitely preferred.

get jumpin

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