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Case study: Skin Actives Scientific

Skin Actives Scientific A better customer journey yields better business results

About: Skin Actives Scientific

A skincare brand for the skin conscious.

Skin Actives Scientific, founded by Dr. Hannah Sivak, gives people the power to personalize their skin care routine with ready-made and DIY skincare products.

Their existing website was built on an outdated and nonintuitive platform leading to an unpleasant shopping experience for their customers, insufficient capabilities for marketing team, and inefficient use of resources for their customer success team. AKOS was hired to help revise the brand and to redesign the online shopping experience.


  • Brand Identity Consultation
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UI Animation Prototyping
  • Ecommerce Store Development
  • System Integrations
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The Objective

Make it Simple, Make it Scalable.

  • Revisit the entire customer journey to remove steps that don’t any generate any objective customer value.
  • Define new and intuitive paths for customers to find relevant products or expert guidance.
  • Build or Integrate systems that allow customer success team to grow, track, and reward the loyal customer base.
  • Re-establish segregated customer personas for the marketing team to target and measure precisely.
  • Display product how it works, quick tips, how to use, ingredients, product life, and research information in a coherent manner that's easy to edit and maintain.
  • Leverage reviews, expert opinion, and socialfan-reel for additional validation to help customers making purchasing decisions.
  • Allow for a seemless and easy checkout process for within US and International customers.

Ecommerce Website & Technology

Built on
  • BigCommerce
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • UIkit
Integrations procured
  • ShipStation
  • Zonos
  • Mailchimp
  • Payments
  • Curalate
  • Google Analytics

The Solution

We chose BigCommerce Enterprise as our Ecommerce platform because of it's innate feature set, robust scalability, and flawless checkout experience.


Alike any cloud-hosted Ecommerce solution there were platform capability challenges we had to identify and overcome to make our solution match our vision.

We built a standalone Laravel + Vue web-app that works via BigCommerce API to allow for customizations beyond BigCommerce's innate functionality. The custom built web-app was developed for building the skin care regimen quiz, schematic segregation of product information, and management dashboard for content moderation capabilities.

Other 3rd party apps were integrated to allow for Marketing Automation, Customer Loyalty Rewards, Review Management, real-time shipping quotes, and international checkout up-to-date import duties and taxes.

Full Website Feature List

  • Built on BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Regimen Recommendation Quiz
  • Ingredients Glossary
  • Instagram Fanreel
  • Multiple Brands Capability
  • Quick Product Search
  • Geo-IP Detection
  • International Duties
  • Mailchimp Ecommerce Automation
  • Rewards & Referral Program
  • Automated Loyalty Coupons
  • Product Reviews Follow-ups
  • Product Questions & Answers
  • Multiple Filteration Options
  • One-page Quick Checkout
  • Conversion Tracking

Video Showcase


Feature Highlights

Get Anywhere Fast

A key metric for us was to allow users to find and reach their desired product within 3 clicks or less. New product collections were defined, designed, and built to drive customers visually towards the desired skin care outcomes.

Behold the Mega Menu

Catering to all our newly defined customer personas: The DIYers, The Newbies, The Quick Shoppers, and The Skin Curious; we built a category and tagging system to allow for optimal shopping preferences for each.

Keep it clean with Reveal & Stow

Bespoke experiences were designed and built for product hover states to maintain visual simplicity and yet allow for an easy add to cart and checkout experience for a pleasant shopping experience.

Segmentation & Organization

For an Ecommerce site with over 180 products, it was imperative for us to allow customers to find products as quickly and easily. A product filtration system was built within categories using product tags to allow further specificity.

Rewards for Loyalty

Increasing return customers is an important metric for any business. We built integrations with rewards and reviews systems to increase repeat customers and harness the power of impactful customer reviews.

Overcoming Limitations with Custom Web-App

Bigcommerce Enterprise though scalable and robust has custom field limitations. We shattered the challenge by building an easy to manage custom Web-app with Laravel and Vue.js that allowed us to segment relevant product information for backend management and frontend display.

The Skincare Regimen Quiz

Skin Actives Scientific, a company founded by a skin care scientist, prides itself in recommending the best skin care routine to their customers. To bring the same tradition to their digital sphere, we built a skin care regimen quiz allowing experts to deliver a customize all-day skin care regimen to their customers digitally. The quiz is built on Vue.js frontend, Laravel administration panel, and BigCommerce Product API.

The Quiz is now responsible for 17.89% of total website revenue, 12.67% of total orders placed.

The Skin Curious Glossary

Backed by science, Skin Actives Scientific has a loyal following of thousands of skin curious customers. We built a searchable ingredients glossary with detailed information about each of the ingredients found in Skin Actives products. The Glossary product recommendations are populated using categories using BigCommerce API and the frontend is built in Vue.js.

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity Design

Our business and brand sprints helped guide Skin Actives Scientific to redesign their brand identity and product packaging. On-going collaboration with their in-house design team lead to a beautiful and impactful revision of the Skin Actives brand.


Iconography to visually specify the variet of skin conscious concerns.

Custom-made iconography


For the logo we worked with the client team to devise something clean that spoke to the new brand descriptors and feels we wanted people to have when coming into contact with the brand.

Descriptors: Scientific, Inventive, Open, Authoritative, Transparent

Feels: Sophisticated, Beautiful, Confident

The skin actives logo

Color & Typography

Color: The color palette was developed to inject bright energy into the visual architecture. It’s always used in a strategic way with it’s assigned collection or skin concerns product category.

Typography: Gotham was chosen for it’s clean lines, readability and it’s large variation in weight. It has an architectural quality that spoke to the brand, in that the Skin Actives team’s attention to detail and method makes them scientific architects of skincare.

Color variations and typography styles

Packaging Labels

With the new brand identity, color palette, and product lines, we helped Skin Actives talented in-house design team ideate and design their new packaging. The result was a clean, memorable, and impactful packaging design for all product collections and DIY product lines.

Collage of skincare products

- 97.84% reduction in Bounce rate

- 121.95% increase in Pageviews

- 111.73% increase in Unique Pageviews

- $27.77 increase in Average Order Value (AOV) through website

- 77.45% increase in 14 Day Active Users

- 74.85% reduction in Avg. Page Download Time

- Ability to track segregated conversions from multi-channel marketing campaigns

* Comparison Dates: May 24 - June 23, 2019 vs 2018

  • - Best Ecommerce Website 2019, Spectrum Awards
  • - Best Innovation Award, CSS Design Awards
  • - Best UI Award, CSS Design Awards
  • - Best UX Award, CSS Design Awards

Go Check It Out

Skin Actives Scientific sources the most effective ingredients available, driven by scientific research and real-world testing to make great products.


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