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So, you have a big idea. Our digital product development workshop can help.

An idea is only as good as the execution. Whether your product is used internally or inside a global marketplace, we work to establish product-market fit early on to save resources and learn quickly. Our top talent vets your idea from every angle to help identify opportunities and anticipate challenges well in advance. Here's how it works:

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    We ask hard questions and advise you to go long on your answers. This discovery uses the same process as Google Ventures and IDEO for big understanding in little time.

    Who is this for?
    How is this different?
    Why will it matter?

    Outcomes include:
    • Refined Target Market
    • Clear Value Proposition
    • Distinct Differentiator
    • Key Objectives
    • Positioning Statement
  2. 02


    Seeing things from within the pickle jar is tough. We're here to help you break it wide open for a 360° perspective based on research, not assumptions.

    How does this fit in the market?
    What does the future look like?
    Who is doing it well?

    Outcomes include:
    • Trends Report
    • Market Landscape
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Bright Spot Analysis
  3. 03


    We identify and define the path to “success” for each user, highlight every touchpoint, and begin organizing permissions, features and functionality.

    What roles and permissions need to be established?
    What are the key features and functionalities to include?
    What does an intuitive path to success for each user look like?

    Outcomes include:
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Defined User Roles
    • Journey Mapping
    • Key Features
    • Ideal Functionalities
    • Logic Flows
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    We help you prioritize objectives, outline the ways to achieve them, advise on the most valuable ROI, and provide complete technical documentation so you can build when you're ready.

    What's our tech stack?
    What does an ideal team look like?
    What will give this the best chance of success?

    Outcomes include:
    • Detailed Technical Outline
    • Core Architecture
    • Build Approach
    • Idea Team Assembly
    • Strategic Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions.

We start with an Innovation Workshop made to clarify and refine your idea in preparation for execution. This is a dense process on purpose and provides you with a highly detailed strategic roadmap. Building a digital product can be a steep investment.

Rather than spending 100-300K building your idea and hoping for the best, we advise clients to spend a fraction of that amount testing it.

We fill in the gaps based. Based on your strengths. Writing down the requirements, establishing UI/UX, and then assembling the right team to fill in the gaps.

In some cases we offer a discounted rate in favor of equity. This is a rare occurrence, completely dependent on our discretion and several other factors.

Requests for features and functionality to an existing product requires an in-depth analysis of your current platform. Our technical audit will consider your product roadmap and help you prioritize features by their impact and feasibility.

You own the code in context to your website or application. We own the engineering. If you sell the company, the code goes with it.

Every project has three routes we can take: prototype (for idea validation), balanced (for an effective product that works), and bells and whistles (for an industry-leading, market defining product). In general, Digital Product Development services take anywhere between 3-9 months.

Every client has full access to their documentation from the outset including release notes, database schemas, flow diagrams and API documentation so that your in-house development team can get up and running quickly. We also offer optional maintenance services on a monthly retainer. Regardless, our clients can call or email us anytime with questions.

Our minimum commitment is 2 resources for 6 weeks, or 12 asset-weeks. Billed at $3,750/resources/week for websites, and $4,250/resources/week for backend, native, or web apps. An “asset” in this case is a Developer, Designer, or Product Manager who spends a whole work-week on your project. Day-to-day manual QA and project coordination is included in these rates.

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