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A revolutionary digital platform to facilitate dealer-to-dealer sales


Backstock – more than a marketplace. A new way for RV dealers to buy and sell wholesale inventory, turning aged stock into revenue

For as long as anyone can remember, RV dealers looking to offload excess and wholesale inventory have been limited by geography and their personal connections. Dealer-to-dealer selling was often a slow, manual process conducted via phone calls and emails. Backstock, founded by Josh VanValkenburg, was created to streamline that process.

AKOS created Backstock as a web application that allows dealers to buy, sell, and trade inventory with other verified dealers. With the web application, the Backstock team is equipped with the foundation to grow their service platform and tools to manage the experience for each dealership.

What We Did

  • Business Strategy & Consulting

  • Brand & Logo Design

  • App UX/UI design

  • Dealer Marketplace

  • Dealer Inventory Management App

  • Backend API development

  • Manufacturer & Models Database

Application Tech Stack

Next JS
React JS
Log Rocket
Simple Texting
Backstock device mockup

The Objective

Drive RV sales out of the past and into the future. The Backstock team partnered with AKOS to develop and refine their ambitious vision for what Backstock could offer dealers nationwide. The goal was to introduce ease, speed, and modernization to an inconvenient, outdated system. The Backstock team set out to offer a high level of searchability and segmentation of listings, rapid notifications for users, and admin control that would guarantee the highest level of security. AKOS set out to make all their dreams come true.

Backstock responsive screens

The Solution

AKOS created a custom web app that prioritized the user experience, providing an intuitive, modern interface for quick user adoption. Since dealers come to the app having primarily used outdated methods like phone calls and email, the app is designed to make onboarding new dealers and creating new listings as quick and easy as possible. Ultimately, Backstock went live as the newest and most innovative way for dealers to buy, sell, and trade excess inventory.

Key Results

First 30-day stats

200+ Dealerships Across 41 States (US & Canada)

400+ Active Listings Across 200+ Locations

70+ Buyer Inquiries/Offers

86,985 Manufacturer Models in Database

17,000+ Listing SMS/MMS Notifications

Backstock homepage
Backstock marketplace page mockup

Buyer Marketplace

An intuitive and robust interface specifically for dealership buyers to effortlessly navigate Backstock inventory. With advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, buyers can quickly find listings that match their specific needs, including options to filter by proximity, features, and specs – making it simpler than ever for buyers to source and close the right deals.

Backstock notifications

Listing Notifications

With a commitment to enhance operational efficiency and communication, we incorporated instant listing notifications into the Backstock app as a key value-add. The feature ensures that users receive immediate updates on relevant activities, like new listings that match saved searches for buyers and new inquiries for sellers. Crucially, our implementation of all notifications adheres strictly to TCPA and FCC regulations, ensuring all messaging is compliant with streamlined opt-in and opt-out processes.

Backstock listings page mockup

Seller Central

This is the administrative hub of our platform, carefully crafted to empower dealerships and their staff with comprehensive control over their sales operations. The app’s robust backend interface allows sales managers to seamlessly post and update listings across one or more locations, engage with potential buyers through an integrated communication system, and customize their tiered notification settings – all from one centralized dashboard.

The Challenges

Data Consistency

Typos happen to the best of us, but misspellings and irregular formatting can wreak havoc on the searchability of dealer listings. The last thing we wanted was for the Backstock homepage to look like the Wild West of listing titles. Ergo, we collected the names of every manufacturer, make, and model of RV there is, allowing users to choose from that database of names which would then be automatically generated into a listing title. Currently, we have more than 150k models of RV to choose from, and searching is seamless.


When we launch a B2B app, a key factor in its success is ensuring that onboarding is not only easy— it’s appealing. So, we pay attention to the k-factor, also called the virality coefficient. But what do we mean by that? The simple definition of the k-factor is how many new users we can expect a single existing user to introduce to the app. Ideally, we go live with at least a factor of 1; for Backstock, we actually went live with 1.2. This way, we estimate that for every 10 users, we might expect them to bring 12 friends along for the ride. When you’re working with a solid product, enthusiastic users are your best advertisers.

The AKOS Difference

Training and Onboarding Support

When it comes to setting our partners up for success, our goal is empowerment and autonomy. AKOS is always available to provide support for large-scale issues, but we wanted Backstock to have full ownership of the app, including being empowered to deal with the day-to-day administration. That’s why, during and after the app build, we provided Backstock with all the materials they would need to continue to run their app independently, including making changes and troubleshooting any issues. From the nitty gritty code details to instructional videos on admin features and demos for onboarding new users, we made sure the Backstock team was fully equipped to run their app. Because ultimately, it is their app, and no one is a better expert on how it should be run than they are.

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  • AKOS - Top Software Developer in Arizona
  • AKOS - Top Software Developer in Arizona
  • AKOS - Top Software Developer in Arizona
  • AKOS - Top Software Developer in Arizona
  • AKOS - Top Software Developer in Arizona