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Dune Sport

Dune Sport

Zero Downtime for an ERP system built on Cloud Architecture

Custom Built ERP System for Toy Hauler Customization and Ordering

The Dune Sport Web Application aims to design and build a reliable, scalable, and maintainable web application for Dune Sport customers, stakeholders, and employees. The application serves as a single source of truth for customer information, orders, parts, vendor orders, and inventory. It provides an easy-to-use frontend ordering system for Dune Sport prospects to place and manage their customizations.

The manufacturing team will be able to use the platform to order third-party vendor parts necessary for the construction of their toy haulers. The application will ensure the reliability of the platform, allowing the Dune Sport team to retain customer and order information with ease and continue delivering their bespoke toy haulers.

What We Did

  • Application architecture that is designed to have individual components that can scale and evolve without disrupting the entire system.
  • Built using Laravel 6 for client-side, admin console, and code management, with MySQL as the primary database, hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Encrypted communications that utilize HTTPS with SSL/TLS encryption to protect against unauthorized access or modification.
  • User actions and processes are logged for accountability and troubleshooting, with logs kept for 90 days before archiving.
  • Normalized InnoDB database with UTF8 General CI collation and specific data storage requirements.
  • A robust CI/CD pipeline to ensure efficient and uniform development practices.

Application Tech Stack

Tablet mockup 1
Tablet mockup 2

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