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Case study: TechTalent Awards

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Tech Talent

About: TechTalent Awards

On a mission to find and celebrate the top emerging tech talent.

There are awards for design, development, sales, leadership, roles, and whole companies and communities, but what about the talent in the back who work tirelessly to help these organizations and communities rise and thrive.

The TechTalent Awards were created to recognize people who make an impact in their organization or their community. The creator, Bth Cochran, Founder and CEO of Wired PR Group felt a need to create a platform to recognize these people.

Beth came to us with a challenge. Design and build a MVP experience that reflected the vivacity, energy, and excitement these people deserve and make it a delightful experience to submit a nomination either for yourself or on behalf of another.

... for an awards submission site? YEAH, for an awards submission site.


  • Brand Identity
  • User Experience Design
  • UI Animation
  • Technical Strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Integrated Marketing Design
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Digital Design
  • LAMP Stack Development
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The Experience

Make it Simple, Easy, and Surprising

Reading a wall of copy on typical award nomination sites can make a person's eyes roll. Let alone the digital submission experience.

We treated the front page with identifiable sections, each section is broken down with easily digestible content.

Leading in tech PR, Beth and her team submit award nominations for their clients all the time and disliked the submission experience from a usability and visual design standpoint.

We made the form beautiful and feedback driven so anyone submitting could do it seamlessly one a single page.

Throughout, small animated visual elements lead you through the content from section to section. The skyline at the top shows the Phoenix skyline, the testing sity for the awards, rising from the mist of gradients into the sky. The skyline silhouette repeats in the footer where the TechTalent logo rises like the moon from behind the city.

Video Showcase


Responsive Design

Smartphones have changed how people shop for themselves and their companies. A good mobile experience was necessary.

On mobile, your content becomes the navigation. And don't forget it!

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OdySea Wireframes

The Brand

Nostalgic, fun, and new

We were looking at a few visual brand directions for the awards. We wanted the word mark to stand on it's own and contain a visual representation of a journey and connection to the community as a whole.

The awards needed to feel fun and have a component of emotion. We played on styles and concepts from our childhoods. We looked at brain games like the Rubix Cube and Simon, we looked at the Etchisketch and the old school video games we grew up playing like Tetris, Pong, and PacMan, among others.

Pairing the gamified tech of the past with clean modern composition and gradients, the colors of modern day, an energetic and kinetic concept rose from the ashes of the other in-the-box concepts.

This is the direction we couldn't stop thinking about.

Logo + Grid

TechTalent Awards logo grid mockup

Logo + Color

TechTalent Awards logo and color


TechTalent Awards typography 1
TechTalent Awards typography 2


  • TechTalent Awards brand color 1
  • TechTalent Awards brand color 2
  • TechTalent Awards brand color 3
  • TechTalent Awards brand color 4
  • TechTalent Awards brand color 5


Group 17 180°

Go Check It Out

The TechTalent Awards is here to celebrate the talent in tech that often gets overlooked. Are you or someone you know a candidate?


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